What Zanzibar tours should I do?

Zanzibar is full of activities! That includes classic Zanzibar tours like the Spice Tour and Stone Town Tour. There are also many Swahili culture experiences, like Zanzibar village tours. Not to mention Indian Ocean excursions to enjoy the nature and snorkel.

Zanzibar tour prices of the tours depend on the size of the group and the departure point. We will tailor-make tours for you when needed, just tell us what you are interested in! It can be anything – shoe making, cooking, fashion, ancient history, sea life, language lessons…

Culture Tours in Zanzibar

Zanzibari culture is a unique mixture of African and Arab, with a hint of Europe and India. Due to it’s location on the African coast in the Indian Ocean, Zanzibar has always been a location where people from different continents meet. On our tours, you have see how people live their lives in the villages or taste the local cuisine in an authentic setting.

Nature tours in Zanzibar

Did you know that Zanzibar nature is full of giants? The huge coconut crabs come out at night and can be seen especially in Chumbe Island. Whales and whale sharks can be spotted at the sea. And while not huge, the indigenous Red Colobus monkeys are always present in the Jozani forest.