Matemwe Village Tour

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Zanzibar village tour: Matemwe

This tour takes you to Matemwe village, one of the most untouched by mass tourism in Zanzibar. You get to meet locals and learn about their livelihoods. Tour includes donations and a local lunch.

All about Matemwe Village Tour

The village tours starts from the beach (depending on the tide), where you will meet the seaweed farmers. These women work in the sea shore every day, harvesting seaweed for European and Asian markets. You will learn about the farming and have a chance to try it out yourself!

After the beach, you will get to know the inside of Matemwe village. There are two visits to women making local handicrafts and a possibility to try it out yourself and to buy the products of the women cooperative. You will also see the mosque and learn about the village life.

You can also visit a witchdoctor who will take away all of your bad spirits and other sufferings with his rituals and herbs. For refreshment, there is a Swahili style lunch at a local home/NGO.

All the villagers included in the tour will receive a fee for their service, which will be given to a cooperative whenever it’s a possibility. This tour will let you know the real Zanzibari village life, and also gives an opportunity for the villagers to get to know you and also to boost their incomes. This way it is beneficial for everyone and will make the gap between travelers and locals smaller.


Useful information

Wear easily removable shoes or rubber shoes for walking in the sea. Protection from the sun – sun lotion, a hat or a scarf, sun glasses can be useful. Dress modestly for the village. And remember, this is a walking tour!

We usually start at 9:00, but you can also choose another time.

What is included

  • Local guide from the village.
  • Donations to visited places.
  • Local lunch.
  • A car ride from a nearby hotel can be arranged for a small extra payment.
  • Remember to mention if you need transfers from other parts of Zanzibar.



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